Episode 26: S2| How RetroLux is Pioneering Energy in Commercial Lighting




Welcome to a deep dive into the innovative journey of Leaf Elgathan, the visionary behind RetroLux—a trailblazing software solution transforming how electrical contractors operate across the commercial buildings sector. This blog post unfolds Leif’s inspiring story, revealing the strategic pivots and leadership insights that have propelled RetroLux from concept to a key player in the sustainability industry.


The Genesis of RetroLux


Leif Elgathan’s entrepreneurial spark ignited from personal frustration—lack of adequate tools to manage his earlier energy-efficient lighting business. Spotting a gap in the market, Leif leveraged his engineering prowess to create RetroLux, a software that assists contractors in designing, selling, and installing lighting retrofit projects efficiently. This move not only addressed an immediate business need but set the stage for a broader impact in the commercial building sector.


Strategic Evolution and Scalability


Transitioning from a service-based business to a product-centric model, RetroLux has undergone significant transformation under Leif’s leadership. Recognizing early that sustainable scaling was impossible without robust systems, Leif shifted his focus from hands-on problem-solving to strategizing and systematizing operations. This transition was crucial as RetroLux expanded its reach, securing its first round of external capital and launching its flagship product in 2016.


Pivotal Moments and Lessons Learned


Throughout his journey, Leif has encountered and embraced several pivotal moments that necessitated strategic shifts. From refining product offerings to adapting business models, each decision was geared towards enhancing operational efficiency and market fit. A vital takeaway for Leif was the importance of assembling a team of specialists early on. Investing in top-tier talent for roles like marketing and customer support significantly accelerated RetroLux’s growth and scalability.

Sustainability at the Core


Driven by a deep commitment to sustainability, Leif’s vision for RetroLux was always clear—to reduce carbon emissions by accelerating the adoption of energy-efficient solutions in commercial buildings. Each business decision and innovation at RetroLux is aligned with this overarching goal, underscoring Leif’s dedication to environmental stewardship.





Leaf Elgathan’s journey with RetroLux exemplifies the power of visionary leadership and strategic adaptation in building a successful, sustainable business. As RetroLux continues to evolve and expand its impact, it serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry leaders alike.


About Leif Elgathan


Leif Elgathan, founder of RetroLux, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich background in engineering and a passion for building companies that address critical sustainability challenges. His career is a testament to his commitment to innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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