Episode 81:

Put Employees First


What You Will Learn:

  • Casey explains how Gravy’s payment recovery solutions work, and why he chose to put employees first as a core part of his organization’s culture
  • How Casey and his team set the lofty goal of recovering $1 billion in failed payments by the end of 2023, and how they built their company and strategy around that goal
  • What obstacles and opportunities Casey experienced while quickly scaling beyond $1 million in revenue, and why “Vision as a discipline” has become a core part of his company
  • How Casey learned the importance of having a set and non-negotiable meeting rhythm for his nine-person leadership team
  • Why Gravy’s leadership meetings are divided so that half the time is spent on strategy and the other half of the time is spent on team building and trust
  • Why learning to have conversations across the organization was one of the primary skills Casey needed to develop post $1 million
  • Why Gravy’s strong culture enables the organization to attract great talent when they put employees first, even before clients or shareholders
  • Why the return on investing in the company’s culture is powerful, and why strong culture helps Gravy navigate any challenge they face
  • Why investing in team members and company culture takes intentionality and hard work, and why the rewards make it all worthwhile
  • How Gravy spends a full 7% of their operational budget on developing their culture and people, and why “culture at scale” is a key strategy they are focusing on

About Casey Graham

Casey Graham is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gravy, the leading failed payment recovery and customer retention solution for recurring revenue companies.

Prior to launching Gravy, Casey is known for founding The Rocket Company, an organization that helped church leaders scale their financial leadership and fundraising. The company grew quickly from 2008 – 2015 and was on the Inc 5000 list three years in a row.

When faced with a customer churn problem in late 2015, Casey and his team created what would go on to become Gravy. And in 2016, The Rocket Company successfully exited to a venture capital group.

Caseys passion for entrepreneurship and bold vision for leadership are the driving force behind his energetic and engaging presence.

When he’s not actively driving Gravy forward, Casey enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, a good cigar, Alabama football, and riding around on a rented tractor.


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