Episode 34:

Having built and sold a significant real estate developing company in Romania, Adrian Ghila has continued with his successful business interests in the U.S., as CEO of Los Angeles based Luxe RV, and founder of Earth Car Wash & Loop VAN, and Proiect 3 Holdings (an investment company). Adrian’s entrepreneurial spirit, ethical business background, and corporate expertise continue to drive Luxe RV, as well as his other businesses, successfully forward.

Adrian is an astute and savvy businessman and pushes himself to not only excel in all he does but especially to deliver the finest product possible to his customers. He now lives and breathes for this industry, every day thinking of new ways to improve the quality of service his company provides.

Adrian Ghila is now looking into investing in small smart companies. Providing not only the investment itself but his knowledge and potentially relocating your company into one of his offices.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Adrian initially became an entrepreneur in Romania before relocating to the United States at the age of 23, and how he continued his entrepreneurial journey in the US
  • How Adrian realized that he needed to change his business, add a team, and implement systems after he reached the $1 million in revenue plateau
  • What efforts Adrian made to scale his leadership education and abilities, in an effort to keep pace with the scaling of his businesses
  • Why your team needs to scale, grow and evolve with your business, such as moving from an accountant to a CPA
  • What challenges Adrian ran into when searching for effective business leaders who he could delegate responsibility to
  • Why it is important to allow your leaders the room to make their own decisions and take responsibility without micro-managing them
  • Why hiring the right people will save you more money than you spend and will help prevent you from making costly mistakes
  • Why too many business leaders don’t fully understand their company and their numbers, and why leaders have a responsibility to their teams to learn and understand
  • Why ethical businesses have a responsibility to be good stewards in their communities, and why having strong, lasting values is critical
  • Why Adrian believes that the COVID-19 pandemic represents not just a crisis but an opportunity to create a new vision for your business


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