Episode 120:

A.J. Lawrence has more than 25 years of professional experience across business strategy development, sales and marketing, recruitment, remote company development, and operations efficiency. He’s spent most of his career working across industries like CPG, tech/SaaS, health & wellness, financial, travel & hospitality as an investor, founder, and consultant.

His professional time is divided between his own projects and investing in other businesses. So far, he’s invested in many different startups and is involved with several investment funds including TinySeed. A.J. is also an advisor to Private Equity and VC firms, runs a strategy company, Insights Lab, and hosts the Beyond 8 Figures podcast.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • What did A.J. realize after exiting companies that he wish he would have done differently
  • How A.J. built a million-dollar business within 6 months and exited shortly after
  • Where to put more emphasis in your business to have sustainable growth
  • How to be more intentional as your company is growing
  • Why A.J. decided to get rid of a lot of the smart people when restructuring his company
  • How to become better at handling the stress of your work


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