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What a relief it is to find and hire a great team member – am I right?! 

The interview process often feels like it takes forever.

Sometimes you spend way too many hours looking through resumes and meeting with people that aren’t the right fit. 

You may have had to talk yourself out of hiring someone that wasn’t the right fit, just because you couldn’t wait to get back to normal life. 

But you pushed through – you waited until you felt great about someone and now they are here in front of you (or maybe on the other side of Zoom) and it’s time for some onboarding.

Be honest – how steady do you feel at this moment?


Do you feel like you are doing everything you can to set them up for success?


Are you calm and confident that the time you are investing in their training will be well-worth it?


Or is it more of a slapdash process that feels something like; Hey [insert first name]! Welcome to the team! We’ll spend the next couple of days going through some important details …  then you’re going to observe a team member doing something similar … and hopefully after a few weeks we’ll both feel like you can stumble through the rest of it with minimal confusion. (fingers crossed)?

If you feel calm and confident, no need to read further.

But if the slapdash process is sounding a little too (embarrassingly) familiar, you need to join us for October’s Monthly Training.

Spend just 60 minutes with us to finally put an effective onboarding system in place for your next new hire and every single one after that.

Brett Gilliland HOST

Brett Gilliland
CEO, Elite Entrepreneurs

Brett and team specialize in giving $1M+ business owners the knowledge, processes and tools to grow to $10M and beyond.

Brett and team help you break through the predictable hurdles that are stalling your growth. With the Elite Growth Method, you can shift from exhausted and uncertain entrepreneur to
confident and unstoppable CEO.

Learn a repeatable onboarding process that:


Builds trust and meaningful connections


Minimizes unnecessary ongoing interruptions


Leaves you with an excited, long-lasting team member

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Tuesday, October 17th
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“We knew we were doing well and growing before the Elite content, but there were so many gaps in our knowledge when it came to figuring out exactly how to grow – how to get to the next level. We didn’t know how to use what we knew about our existing culture or team members to attract more like them. We lacked a clear vision of where exactly the company could go. Learning the Elite way solved this for us!”

Stephanie Holmes-Winton

CEO at The Money Finder

“Rather than just reacting to things, we now have a clear vision for where we want to be and how we want to get there.”

Rich Fettke

Co-Founder, Real Wealth Network

“Personally, I have grown as a leader. Being able to grow and develop as a leader is the ONLY way our business and our team will be able to continue to grow. I’ve learned how to:

1. Prioritize what really matters in my life (i.e. get my personal life back)

2. Utilize and trust my team more than I have before

3. Learn, Develop & Grow”

Bill Harney

Keeping Current Matters