Why You Do It All – At the Expense
of the 3 Elements Needed to Lead Your Business

Business Owners Breakthrough
Homework Assignment #2:


  1. Write down all of the work you are doing that is $10-$50 per hour work that could be done by someone else.
  2. Choose one task that can be delegated, write it here, and delegate it today.



1. You are used to being busy and moving fast; right now it is important that you slow your mind a bit so that you get much more out of your homework. Keep the homework questions in your mind as you go about your day and write down what comes to mind. 

2. At the end of the day, I will send you an email so that you can jot down what you learned from today’s homework.

Each day we will build on what we’ve learned, so keep up!

-Elite Entrepreneurs

P.S. See you tomorrow for training video #3: Your Business Needs to Shift!

Complete Homework Assignment #2 Here:

( At the end of the day )